Regnum SPA

Now close your eyes. You can enjoy your life by taking the service you want whenever you want. You are pampered by your hair in your feet. It is so comfortable that there is no happier than you. You are discovering your oddness, you understand exactly the word meaning of listening.

You are always eager to live this enjoyment...

Now slowly you open your eyes. You're at REGNUM SPA

Here you can visit Regnum SPA, where you can enjoy this pleasure and pleasure, or you can be a member to have special advantages after your satisfaction!

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As Regnum SPA we offer many professional services to our esteemed members as well as continually renewing ourselves and improving our privileges to satisfy you even more.

Thank you for choosing us!

Special Day Organizations

For special occasions such as the bridal bath, forty baths and groom baths, you can rent and use Regnum SPA's areas of use.
We are in your happiest days!

Indoor Pool

You can use our indoor pool located in our facility. Our large square-meter pool will accommodate guests who come with you.
Decide where you want to swim!

Vitamin Bar and Cafe

After your massage, swimming or hammam, you can regain your body's water needs in our vitamin bar and try our delicious drinks...
You will love our cold and hot vitamin drinks!

Free Wi-Fi Internet

With the free Wi-Fi internet service, you can enjoy uninterrupted use of your smart devices while enjoying peaceful and fun times at Regnum SPA.
We do not want you to get out of social media!

SPA and Skin Care Specialists

If you need to do sports or relax with a SPA massage, you can work or relax with our expert team in the field.
We want you to stay in shape as much as you do!

Special Advantages for Our Members

As Regnum SPA, we offer many possibilities to our members and we are developing the advantages of thanking you for choosing us.
Thank you for choosing us!

Reservation Now!

If you are a member at the booking area, please indicate your membership. We will provide you with the best prices and privileges as soon as possible. Please write a phone number you are using.